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Title: Holiday led lighting at the Capitol

Credit: Paul Barrows

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Gov 2 Go

It can be hard to keep up with your civic duties— things like assessing, paying property taxes and renewing your car tags. But it’s easy when you get Gov2Go. Think of Gov2Go as your personal government assistant: It knows your needs, plans your government tasks for the year, reminds you when something is due and gives you shortcuts to do it all online. Now that’s public service.

Personal Timeline

All your key government tasks for the year in one place.


Get email and in-app reminders for important government deadlines.

Safe & Secure

Your data is private and only used in the ways you allow.

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Arkansas Agriculture @ARDeptofAgricul Mon Jul 25 00:51:46 +0000 2016
Farm cooperatives provide an economic model for Cuban farmers:

Arkansas Agriculture @ARDeptofAgricul Mon Jul 25 00:49:12 +0000 2016
Pond turnover - what are the causes? what are the myths? How can fish farmers fix the occurrence? See: @farmpress

Arkansas Forestry @ARForestryComm Mon Jul 25 00:28:17 +0000 2016
Cover crops, field borders, & stream buffers are just a few ways landowners can help pollinators do their job, more: